Sunday, February 7, 2010

Drive your truck

My babies are sick and the mr puked on me this morning. Luckily I was able to use that excuse to get a shower first thing. It was so nice. I was so clean. And then, when I got out of the shower, my eldest brought us a surpise breakfast in bed!! Mr. Pristeraddalister needed to nurse, and then not to be outdone, so did my Mistress Ladypants. (Those are the newest names.) I know that you could confuse Mistress Ladypants for something a little more New Orleans brothel"esque", but I assure you, she is nothing of the sort! She is a lady and therefore wears her ladypants. After all, where else are her ladyparts suppose to go?

But I digress...

The babies are sick. But it doesn't stop them from being awesome. For instance, my mr came up to me today with a bulldozer toy and after he nursed, he started to play with it. He was making this crazy noise, and I didn't pay it much attention until my husband said "He is making a bulldozer noise". I asked him to make his own bulldozer noise and I am not kidding...they were the same noise! Then Miss Ladypants came in holding a Barbie (and yes, we are THOSE kind of parents) and climbed into bed, looked at me, and said clear as day "Barbie". And then cussed me out because how dare I nurse him and not her.

So I got to nurse a boy and a girl and a barbie and a bulldozer.

Now I am on a coffee break. Which is not to be confused with using any excuse to not clean my house.