Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What would you type so it looks like I'm crying?

Wake up this morning knowing a mom is in labor (or will be soon). That always makes you a little anxious to find childcare. Call a bunch of people but no-one answers. House is a disaster!

Decide to knit.

Upon decision to knit, the middle child decides now is a good time to learn how to knit. Take first sip of now cold coffee, look around and decide the house smells as bad as it looks, and say Sure!, I'll teach you how to knit! An hour later post "Make it stop" as your update on facebook.

Okay, so babies and knitting needles don't go together. Babies and yarn don't go together. Trying to be calm and patient when casting on for the bazillionth time after the boy baby yet again pulls the yarn off the needles...while the five year old acts like the grown up and while you want to stomp your feet and go into a full fledge tantrum. It makes you realize that now isn't the time to teach a child to knit.

I need to clone myself.

And I will leave with these questions in my brain...

Why is my house so dirty when my mom is coming over?
Why isn't anyone answering the phone?
Why do I have so much laundry to do?
Why is that stupid cat peeing on everything and how can I make him go away?

Friday, October 23, 2009

These babies are so funny

These babies are hilarious. They are so different from each other. The boy baby is such a gentle spirit. He likes boy things (thank you God!). Trucks, cars, smashing things, throwing things. Playing in the toilet. *shudder* Pushing his sister down. The girl baby has a funny quirky girl spirit. She laughs all of the time. She holds baby dolls (which really is one naked cloth baby doll covered in marker). She pushes the stroller. She likes to be held by her big sisters.

They are so different. The other day the walked into a room that was shared by a boy and girl...and he walked out with a truck and she walked out with a wand.

So much for gender nuetral.

Mama and girl

Where does it go?

The babies are fourteen months old now. It has been over a month since I have posted last. I have tried to write things...but between the constant of my life, and the constant of my just doesn't happen.

I think that if I try to see this blog as merely a way to update my family, I will be able to keep up a little more.

That said, my life as the mother of one year old twins can basically be summed up to one word.


Sometimes I feel like that is the only reason they love me (kidding of course). They don't eat food yet and are surviving solely on breastmilk alone. Now, while I have enjoyed the benefits of rapid weight loss...I have also enjoyed the benefits of never sleeping. The babies nurse the whole night long. My husband is awesome, but there is nothing he can really do, because they don't want him. They want me. We have talked about night weaning, but we both know that wouldn't work because they are nursing for food, not comfort. It will be so nice when they start to eat more! We offer food a hundred times a day.

WOW, this post turned into a whine fest! (see why I haven't been posting!)