Friday, October 23, 2009

These babies are so funny

These babies are hilarious. They are so different from each other. The boy baby is such a gentle spirit. He likes boy things (thank you God!). Trucks, cars, smashing things, throwing things. Playing in the toilet. *shudder* Pushing his sister down. The girl baby has a funny quirky girl spirit. She laughs all of the time. She holds baby dolls (which really is one naked cloth baby doll covered in marker). She pushes the stroller. She likes to be held by her big sisters.

They are so different. The other day the walked into a room that was shared by a boy and girl...and he walked out with a truck and she walked out with a wand.

So much for gender nuetral.

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  1. I've always felt that there are so many differences between the genders even at such a young age. I've never been able to understand the gender-neutral movement and the belief that it is all conditioning. I've got 3 boys who I would have loved to conditioned to be a bit more gentle - lol.