Friday, January 29, 2010

I love my life

I am realizing more and more how much I am going to miss babies. I have no regrets on having five children. Each one is just as amazing as the one before, and has their own awesomeness. But now that my babies are not tiny...I realize that there are things that have been in my life for so long now, that when they are gone, there will be an empty space left.

The first thing that I will miss will be toys in the bathtub. I usually spend at least at least a minute having to put the toys away every single time I want to use the tub. There are pouring toys and stacking toys and squirting toys of all colors. My kids all think the more the better! It will suck when that is gone. I really love it.

The second thing is a child in my bed. I love co-sleeping with my babies. Army guys scattered under the sheets, bitten books under the pillows, a foot in the eye...All too soon we will be alone again in the bed. What the hell do we do then?

The third thing is that I am the center of their world right now. Over time that disappears and friends and boyfriends take my spot. I see it happening even with my nine year old. She doesn't want to hold my hand in public. It sucks. Luckily my babies want to be with me because they think I rock. I wish they would stop growing up.

The fourth thing is the world becomes a brighter place when your naked. Feeling bad, sad, mad...just hurt yourself? Get naked! It solves all sorts of problems.

Anyway, the babies have found me so now I have to nurse. Which is another thing I will miss.

And of course...making the bed:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thoughts on nursing

Nursing is awesome. They are 17 months old now and have never had a bottle, which is something that I was really scared that I would have to do. Apparently I even obsessed about it while I was pregnant...which I have no memory of. Anyway, the problem is that they don't eat food. And while I am steadily losing weight, which I am not complaining about at all, they seem to be stuck.

How do you get your babies to eat food, when they won't eat? I offer every single thing that I eat. I offer baby food, I offer hand held food, spoons and forks to eat with, hands to eat with, yogurt, veggies, cookies, pasta, protien...I am at a loss. So this blog posting is more asking a do you get a baby to eat when they "don't wanna"?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Quote of the day:

Do veterinarians eat cheese pizza?
~second born kid

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


My poodle headed noodle
My mr


To start off with, my room is freezing because my sister is staying with us and she needs the space heater. We also need the space heater because the vent doesn't get to our room really well, so it is always cold in here. But she is on the finished porch, where it can get really cold, so she wins. And she's growing a baby....

I am snuggled up warm under the covers. It's approx 8am. The babies have woken to play with the guys, and fierce battle is raging. The little girl is sitting on my arm, and mr. is sitting knee deep in the thick of things, surrounded on all sides.

I feel a hot wetness, but know that she has a diaper on. Still, knowing that it must be escaping from somewhere, I move towards the mr. Within oh...I'd say about seven second, I feel a hot wetness on my back, coming from the thick of things. I scramble up and give both babies a stern talking to about how it's not nice to pee on your mother. They listen politely.

I take off the offending diapers and go to the bathroom (and to get wipes and fresh diapers). I am gone less then a minute. When I come back in the room, he is crying and sitting on the guys, which must feel bad with a bare butt. I can't understand why he would be sitting on them, because I can't see anything and have to find glasses to know what could possibly have changed in one minute.

Well, he pooped you see. On my bed. All over my sheets. And in order to avoid sitting on the poop, he moved over to sit on the guys. Only they are plastic and it was pokey.

I grab him up, clean him off, take off the sheets and towel (from the pee) and decide that before my day goes any further, I need coffee. This was an actual thought. I might have even said it out loud. I need coffee. Knowing that it is waiting for me downstairs, I quickly go down where I am then informed by my sister (who is warm at night due to my sacrifice I might add) that she has had the last cup of coffee.

And we are out off coffee.

So to sum up my morning, I am cold, I am wet, I have despised laundry to do, and I am tired. Plus, I also noticed that my son's poop looks seedy and mustardy, which tells you just how little food he eats (although he is offered at least six-eight times a day) and just how much he nurses.

Well, the guys have been through their first real battle, so I suppose I should go and clean them up.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My first pair of socks!

Little boy feet in newly knitted socks!!

Trucky duckies

So my sister comes in (as I am attempting to make my bed) and laughs and says, "Wow, so this is what you listen to when you become a mom". I just look at her and say "Oh, she is THE BEST, believe me!!! After you hear all of the crap kids music that is out there, you will fully embrace Laurie Berkner and the Laurie Berkner band!!"

For instance, right this second, I am listening to a song about driving my truck!! And I know every single word. I could be a fork lifter, or a bull dozer. And I have to pull my truck into the truck stop, oh yeah, pull my truck into the truck stop and fill her up!

And the most awesomest thing is that the songs are fun to sing and dance to!! Yay, fruit salsa!

I would go on, but I have to attempt to make my bed...although it is really hard when everyone is dancing on it. We are trucks, you know.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Put a positive spin on things!

He dumped a ton of cleaning supplies of the kitchen floor. On the upside, the floor is clean and we only use non-toxic cleaners. And he apparently knows how to get past my tried and true method of keeping babies out of cabinets, which is to tie a cloth around the handles.

She got orange marker all over her pants. And her hands. And her face. On the upside, the pants are awesome because I knit them! And the marker is washable.

The babies are sick with a cold.
For the gajillionith time this winter. On the upside, they shared it with me! I didn't want to be left out afterall.

Friday, January 8, 2010

I seemed to have misplaced something.

The soft sweet embrace of night. The warm flannel sheets freshly washed and on the bed. -40 degree wind chill outside seems but a distant memory. Freshly shaved legs slip into bed. Pull up the down comforter with the Pottery Barn duvet cover that you bought on eBay. It's winter in Minnesota. The chai tea has made you warm and tired. You look over to your sleeping husband, and resist the urge to smack him because you have don't get to sleep. Is it really his fault? One could argue yes (because again, you are sleepy).

You have twins. Lovely non sleeping, fight over the boob, roll on each other and fall off the bed, twins. They cry a lot at night. They teeth a lot at night. They have stuffy noses. They have coughs. They neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed you. Not anyone else. Just you. (and sometimes papa) Life is terrible if they can't preform acrobatics on the boob at 1am. They wake each other up. They wake you up. They get out of bed. They can't get back into bed. You end up sleeping in the crib sidecarred to your bed.

I would trade my 17 month olds for newborns any day when it comes to sleep...or the lack thereof. Remind me of this when I am 60 and have no kids at home though...because maybe it is the lack of sleep talking, but I think that I am really going to miss it when it's gone.