Monday, August 23, 2010

At least one of us is happy.

I thought I knew...

So, I wanted to move to Oregon after I am done training as a midwife. My goal is to turn in my paperwork December 2011. I say wanted because my friend Allison just moved with her family of five (http://http// and I don't like it. I certainly didn't see her every day, but I knew that she was near by. She is awesome and her family is awesome and she came and took care of my children when I was really sick with child(ren). She is an amazing photographer and she thinks her thoughts in a very kick-ass sort of a way. Anyways...

I am realizing that if I think it sucks this bad potentially never see my one friend again, how bad it would be to not see any of my friends again. Except for on holidays, which aren't that often. I could move everyone away, but then I would be away from them. And as awesome as Oregon is, I just don't think that it is worth it. So I think now my new goal will be to travel every year, and then when the kids are all grown up, move. Or at least buy some land out there.

Or maybe go to New Zealand for a year. (I know, Oregon and New Zealand are very different, but I want to live in both places). You can always go somewhere for a year and then come back.

For what it's worth, Allison plans on moving to Vermont. Frickin' tree covered mountains.


What was he doing with his hand? And his face?

Isn't it beautiful?

We went up early in the morning. Perfect day. Wonderful weather. The kids were amazing all day. Hardly any complaining. The first thing we did was rent a bike that fit everyone. Except it was basically just the two of us pedaling. Up hills. Both ways.
Then we went to Gooseberry Falls, which was so beautiful. Then hiked to the lake, which was again, up hill. Both ways.
Ate well, enjoyed each other so much. What a perfect "day"cation. Har har.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

If I sit...

I attempt to sit
Immediate defense mode
Two babies nursing

So seriously. If I sit down, that means I want to nurse. Every time I try to check my email, check facebook, eat a meal, pee on the pot, drive a car, plant a garden, drink cold coffee, or sit in a chair, there are immediately one to two babies in my space.

I love them so much. I really do. Period.


I have realized that I need a vacation. Not a couple hours away from everyone. But like, a week. In Hawaii. Or Oregon. By myself, or with a friend. No family. (maybe my husband...but then I would have to be "wifely" which isn't part of my vacation)

A beach. A drink. A book. A massage. Quiet.

For a week.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The lady

What's that sound?

Gentle screams at night
You wake him up most gently
Like a fire truck

So my little sweet daughter. Number five. Baby of the family. Has the most shrill scream (his is only second best) and she loves to use it at its fullest at 2am. And 2:15 and 3:10 and 3:45...there does seem to be a pattern. I can go about three days before spending part of the night in another bed. They don't do this for my husband. Just for me.

Actually, not for me. They want my boobs. If one is nursing, the other must nurse. It is an epic battle. One in which I am starting to lose.

I am all about child led weaning, and plan on nursing for another year at least, but holy balls people...something's gotta give.

How do you night wean twins?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I don't speak...

First day of school clothes
Five children in a small space
Some of them pooping

So this haiku means I took the kids to Kohls for first day of school (does anyone hear angels singing) clothing. I buy pretty much everything at the Value Thrift store, which is a great store, but for first day of school clothing, I let them buy new. I haven't ever been into Kohls before (awesome store!) and I noticed immediately the massive amount of crap the store has shoved into it for our enjoyment and discount pleasure. Babies stay in the cart for minute? Maybe? The girls all need my help. They all want sparkly hooker clothing made in just their size. Nope. No. Not that. No. Nope...okay, you can get that. That is too small. Yes, it is too small, I am looking at you wearing it, and it doesn't fit. It is too small!!! Whatever, you can get it, but you have to get the next size up.

Thomas the Train which my son replys "choo choo". So cute. Baby girl poops. No diaper, no wipes. Haul everyone to the bathroom and use the brown paper towels they have. Naked butt happening, but I figure that there is so much crap in the store, if she pees no-one will notice (she didn't).

Go back out. The babies head off in two different directions. Mens department and purses. Big girls want socks. I say no. More bickering between us, with what was supposed to be a fun time, now just getting dirty looks from other customers. (Okay, this all could have been in my mind.) The babies are probably kidnapped at this point, who knows where they are. I see them every 30 seconds running through the aisles. I yell for the sisters to keep track of the babies. Baby boy comes back and has also pooped. Off to the bathroom for another makeshift diaper change.

Come back, decide to get the Thomas jammies, yell at the kids to MAKE A DECISION and declare to them that I am leaving now!!

Attempt to leave. Spot a candle that I have to have, check out, and manage to spend 118.00 on three new first day of school outfits, a couple extra shirts and pants for big girls, two Thomas the train jammies (which they are wearing) matching outfit for the girl baby, and a couple of shirts for him.

But hey, I saved 187.00 they say.

When I sit down...

When I sit down it means I want to nurse. So I haven't blogged in three months. If I am not fighting off two two years olds, I am yelling at my kids to stop bickering.

So maybe instead of trying to be witty and actually writing a whole paragraph every day, I could just haiku. So in honor of my family, I am going to attempt to write something every day. Be prepared to be bored. My life is ordinary.