Monday, August 23, 2010

I thought I knew...

So, I wanted to move to Oregon after I am done training as a midwife. My goal is to turn in my paperwork December 2011. I say wanted because my friend Allison just moved with her family of five (http://http// and I don't like it. I certainly didn't see her every day, but I knew that she was near by. She is awesome and her family is awesome and she came and took care of my children when I was really sick with child(ren). She is an amazing photographer and she thinks her thoughts in a very kick-ass sort of a way. Anyways...

I am realizing that if I think it sucks this bad potentially never see my one friend again, how bad it would be to not see any of my friends again. Except for on holidays, which aren't that often. I could move everyone away, but then I would be away from them. And as awesome as Oregon is, I just don't think that it is worth it. So I think now my new goal will be to travel every year, and then when the kids are all grown up, move. Or at least buy some land out there.

Or maybe go to New Zealand for a year. (I know, Oregon and New Zealand are very different, but I want to live in both places). You can always go somewhere for a year and then come back.

For what it's worth, Allison plans on moving to Vermont. Frickin' tree covered mountains.

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  1. I just read this today. Very cool. And isn't it just nice how things come full circle?