Friday, August 20, 2010

What's that sound?

Gentle screams at night
You wake him up most gently
Like a fire truck

So my little sweet daughter. Number five. Baby of the family. Has the most shrill scream (his is only second best) and she loves to use it at its fullest at 2am. And 2:15 and 3:10 and 3:45...there does seem to be a pattern. I can go about three days before spending part of the night in another bed. They don't do this for my husband. Just for me.

Actually, not for me. They want my boobs. If one is nursing, the other must nurse. It is an epic battle. One in which I am starting to lose.

I am all about child led weaning, and plan on nursing for another year at least, but holy balls people...something's gotta give.

How do you night wean twins?

1 comment:

  1. Go on that week long vacation you were talking about! Then when you get back... don't offer and see what happens. Either way, you still got that vacay:)