Monday, December 28, 2009

A family portrait

They look like cell phone bars

It's always better with cat hair

I gave both of the babies cream cheese bagels this morning. Just ripped a good sized chunk off of mine. She daintily ate hers, making sure that no cream cheese got on her hands. She also wrapped her baby in a towel, put it into the stroller, took it on a walk and did a little dance.

Meanwhile, what cream cheese didn't get smeared onto his face, hands, hair or clothing, was covered in what I think was carpet fibers and black cat hair. He quite enjoyed it, really. I am choosing to think of it as roughage. Good for the gut.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas is over...

Presents unwrapped, toys all over the place. My clean house is a disaster. Baby boy loves his cars and baby girl loves her doll. Big girls got awesome digital camera's for kids from my father in law.

I received an awesome GC to the yarn I will have to finish up my socks and pants for the babies (almost done with both) and start on something new! The second born is turning EIGHT and I want to make her something.

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sick babies

My babies have been sick. My patience has been sorely tested. I haven't had a computer to facebook about it.

Very frustrating.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree...Oh Christmas Tree...where can I hide in thee?


I think that I am going to get a Christmas tree tomorrow. We always have a real one. Some years (when we had one child or two children) we even went to a tree farm and cut them down and hauled them back to our car. The year before last we got one that was so prickly we had to wear gloves to decorate it. I was pregnant with the twins and really sick and so I took joy in something that funny. It was a good Christmas. Last year we picked a tree out that, I thought, was a good size. Not too big, not too small. Of course, in hindsight, you can't really tell the size when it is -24 degrees outside and everything is frozen solid and pre-wrapped for transport. We have a fairly small house and that was the biggest tree we as a married couple, have ever had. It was huge in our tiny house! I loved it!

I want a Christmas tree. The problem is that this year we have two mobile fifteen month olds. How do I get my tree and keep them alive? What to do....what to do...I can half decorate it. Plain on the bottom, full on the top. I can put a huge baby gate around it (someone has said that they would lone one to me). I can put it in the porch. I can get a small one. But really, I want a great big huge tree fully decorated that the babies will leave alone. I wonder what the chances would be that they just don't notice it:

Ball in the house

Why does he always have that look on his face? And yes, he is wearing her clothes.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mmmmmmm....what's that smell?

Every once in awhile, when I am trying to get something done, I will let the babies play in the fridge. They take all of the salad dressings out, the mustard's and mayonnaise's...and all in all, have a pretty good time. I get the dishes put away, or the counter scrubbed. One thing is the same though, I am always in the room with them.

Until today.

I decided that because the boy baby was so well occupied, I would run upstairs and get dressed. The girl baby followed me upstairs and we got involved in heavy peek-a-boo play, and the next thing I know, the boy baby is upstairs too...and he had an interesting smell to him. He smelled like deep rich dark chocolate. Interesting, I thought to myself. We don't have any dark chocolate in the house. However; he is covered in chocolate from head to toe. At that point, I decided I didn't want to know, so I chose to believe that he had discovered a random rather large chocolate piece on the floor and smeared it all over himself. That was my last thought about it, until I asked the middle child to run and grab the camera because the girl baby was telling me all about her picture that she drew and it is friggin' hilarious to watch her talk to me like I understand what she is saying. I still haven't managed to catch this on camera.

Middle child went downstairs to get the camera, but a loud "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWW" was soon declared on the stairs. "Baby girl pooped all over the stairs!!!" she exclaims! Impossible I think! I have been playing with her this whole time and I haven't smelled anything poopy at all. She didn't have a diaper on though, so I thought she might have slipped one past me. It has been known to happen. So tromping down the stairs we go, where I discover that it isn't, in fact, poop.

But chocolate.

Dark rich chocolate. Dark rich smeared into the carpet chocolate cheesecake. From Thanksgiving. That my mother brought and I forgot was in the fridge.

So I cleaned it up and ate a piece. You make sure it wasn't poison.