Monday, December 28, 2009

A family portrait

They look like cell phone bars

It's always better with cat hair

I gave both of the babies cream cheese bagels this morning. Just ripped a good sized chunk off of mine. She daintily ate hers, making sure that no cream cheese got on her hands. She also wrapped her baby in a towel, put it into the stroller, took it on a walk and did a little dance.

Meanwhile, what cream cheese didn't get smeared onto his face, hands, hair or clothing, was covered in what I think was carpet fibers and black cat hair. He quite enjoyed it, really. I am choosing to think of it as roughage. Good for the gut.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas is over...

Presents unwrapped, toys all over the place. My clean house is a disaster. Baby boy loves his cars and baby girl loves her doll. Big girls got awesome digital camera's for kids from my father in law.

I received an awesome GC to the yarn I will have to finish up my socks and pants for the babies (almost done with both) and start on something new! The second born is turning EIGHT and I want to make her something.

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sick babies

My babies have been sick. My patience has been sorely tested. I haven't had a computer to facebook about it.

Very frustrating.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree...Oh Christmas Tree...where can I hide in thee?


I think that I am going to get a Christmas tree tomorrow. We always have a real one. Some years (when we had one child or two children) we even went to a tree farm and cut them down and hauled them back to our car. The year before last we got one that was so prickly we had to wear gloves to decorate it. I was pregnant with the twins and really sick and so I took joy in something that funny. It was a good Christmas. Last year we picked a tree out that, I thought, was a good size. Not too big, not too small. Of course, in hindsight, you can't really tell the size when it is -24 degrees outside and everything is frozen solid and pre-wrapped for transport. We have a fairly small house and that was the biggest tree we as a married couple, have ever had. It was huge in our tiny house! I loved it!

I want a Christmas tree. The problem is that this year we have two mobile fifteen month olds. How do I get my tree and keep them alive? What to do....what to do...I can half decorate it. Plain on the bottom, full on the top. I can put a huge baby gate around it (someone has said that they would lone one to me). I can put it in the porch. I can get a small one. But really, I want a great big huge tree fully decorated that the babies will leave alone. I wonder what the chances would be that they just don't notice it:

Ball in the house

Why does he always have that look on his face? And yes, he is wearing her clothes.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mmmmmmm....what's that smell?

Every once in awhile, when I am trying to get something done, I will let the babies play in the fridge. They take all of the salad dressings out, the mustard's and mayonnaise's...and all in all, have a pretty good time. I get the dishes put away, or the counter scrubbed. One thing is the same though, I am always in the room with them.

Until today.

I decided that because the boy baby was so well occupied, I would run upstairs and get dressed. The girl baby followed me upstairs and we got involved in heavy peek-a-boo play, and the next thing I know, the boy baby is upstairs too...and he had an interesting smell to him. He smelled like deep rich dark chocolate. Interesting, I thought to myself. We don't have any dark chocolate in the house. However; he is covered in chocolate from head to toe. At that point, I decided I didn't want to know, so I chose to believe that he had discovered a random rather large chocolate piece on the floor and smeared it all over himself. That was my last thought about it, until I asked the middle child to run and grab the camera because the girl baby was telling me all about her picture that she drew and it is friggin' hilarious to watch her talk to me like I understand what she is saying. I still haven't managed to catch this on camera.

Middle child went downstairs to get the camera, but a loud "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWW" was soon declared on the stairs. "Baby girl pooped all over the stairs!!!" she exclaims! Impossible I think! I have been playing with her this whole time and I haven't smelled anything poopy at all. She didn't have a diaper on though, so I thought she might have slipped one past me. It has been known to happen. So tromping down the stairs we go, where I discover that it isn't, in fact, poop.

But chocolate.

Dark rich chocolate. Dark rich smeared into the carpet chocolate cheesecake. From Thanksgiving. That my mother brought and I forgot was in the fridge.

So I cleaned it up and ate a piece. You make sure it wasn't poison.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Little girls, little girls, everywhere I look they're just...little

It is all quiet on the home front. Comfy and warm inside my house. All the lights are off and the big ones asleep in their beds. There is only a soft glow from my computer gently lighting the room. The fact that it took me an hour to get onto the Internet is irrelevant. My computer is crap and I am broke. As I like to say....whatevs...

So, anyway, back to the soft glow.

There is this sweet baby girl sitting wide awake on my lap. She is taking a tiny doll (which of course is naked because come on, clothing on a doll, it just isn't done) and wrapping it up in a piece of paper that was in my pocket. She randomly gets really excited and starts to talk to the mouse when I move it around for something. And she keeps moving my hands from the keyboard because they are in her way. She is kissing her baby. And talking quietly to her baby. She is trying to make a bed for the little baby. With the paper. Like she is the mother.

My son would just rip the paper in half and say "GAAAAAAAARRRRRR" and then pee on the floor.

Friday, November 27, 2009

My babies are so amazing. They speak to each other through invisible signals and thoughts, and make each other laugh (or cry) without doing anything. The girl baby is incredibly bossy. Her newest thing to do is push her brother towards something and tell him to "go". Little poopsnot! Meanwhile, the boy baby is busy trying to choke to death on anything he can find to put in his mouth. For instance, I just pulled out 1/2 a polly pocket pant, a complete pair being too big, of course.

They are playing together constantly now, although her preference is for anything girl. And his is for anything else. She will say "Mama, mom, mom, mom, mama, mama, mom..." until I stop whatever I am doing and pick her up. It is incredibly difficult to blog...ever.

He is nursing and kicking me in the throat while she is crying at my knee.

Good times. Boring blog.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I am thankful for my little sister. I am thankful for the baby she has growing in her womb and that she trusts me enough to ask me to be her midwife. I am thankful for her sense of humor and her wit and her style. I am thankful that we know each other so well now.
I am thankful that pulling out all of the cans from the cupboard keeps the babies occupied. I am thankful that I was the one who got to put them all away even though their dad was standing right there.
I am thankful for my daughter stealing the camera to take 35 pictures that look like this. I will frame them to give to her on wedding day.
I am thankful for my husbands super awesome mustache for movember. It is super awesome! Oh...I guess I already said that.
I am grateful that my neighbor wrote me a note on a brown paper bag and put it in my mailbox calling me lazy because I haven't raked my yard. Croup and scarlet fever don't count when there are leaves on the ground! And neither does the six foot tall privacy fence that makes it so you can't actually see the backyard.
And last but not least, I am grateful for my chickens. That don't lay any eggs.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My mothers bed

I have noticed that my pillows on my bed seem to go missing from time to time. They are there when I make the bed in the morning, and then they are gone when I go to bed at night. This being such a busy household, I haven't had the time or energy to overly question it. It just is what it is.

Last night was so dry in my house, I couldn't breathe through my nose. I ended up with my seven year old in my bed, and of course the two babies and one husband, all which successfully drove me into the arms of another bed. I went to the room with the humidifier in it. And as I crawled into the bottom bunk (the seven year olds) I lay my head down...on all of my pillows. The pale jade silk pillow was there, a recent find from a thrift store. The small pillow and only flowery pillowcase I have was there, laying quietly next to it. My king size feather pillow with its soft sage flannel cover.

I have to wonder. What do they think of their mothers bed?

My mothers bed as a child, was possibly the coolest place in the entire world. It was there that she made her small stamp in a world filled with barbies, and dress up, and bickering, and little girls. It was there that she said...I am a grown up, hear me ROAR!!! And I loved it. I loved the yellow oak headboard with its swirling oak leaf pattern. And the dark bedding that looked like it was out of a catalog. I would crawl into it when I was allowed to, and could play there all day. My mother made her bed everyday, so we were often shooed out. I loved her bed.

So I am left with this thought. What do they think of my bed? Is it a place to hide buried treasure? A boat surrounded by sharks? Can it fly through the clouds and carry us away to a land where no-one grows up?

I hope so.

I change the linens to reflect the season, my one small gift to myself. I look at my daughters sometimes, when they lay on my bed, with the sunlight filtering through the bare branches of fall, and I know that when I walk out of the room, they will turn into fairies and my bed will be their land, and they will go off to far away places. And sometimes, I think, to hold onto a little piece of that...they will steal a pillow for their bed.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


A tornado!

I am not kidding when I say I went to bed last night and the house was clean. I remember cleaning it. But somehow this morning I woke up and the house was in ruins. The big girls were at home with strep and scarlet fever and had taken the babies, upon waking, down to play. It took maybe fifteen minutes.

Seriously. I have never seen anything like it. I don't even know how to write about it.

How do you like this apple!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What would you type so it looks like I'm crying?

Wake up this morning knowing a mom is in labor (or will be soon). That always makes you a little anxious to find childcare. Call a bunch of people but no-one answers. House is a disaster!

Decide to knit.

Upon decision to knit, the middle child decides now is a good time to learn how to knit. Take first sip of now cold coffee, look around and decide the house smells as bad as it looks, and say Sure!, I'll teach you how to knit! An hour later post "Make it stop" as your update on facebook.

Okay, so babies and knitting needles don't go together. Babies and yarn don't go together. Trying to be calm and patient when casting on for the bazillionth time after the boy baby yet again pulls the yarn off the needles...while the five year old acts like the grown up and while you want to stomp your feet and go into a full fledge tantrum. It makes you realize that now isn't the time to teach a child to knit.

I need to clone myself.

And I will leave with these questions in my brain...

Why is my house so dirty when my mom is coming over?
Why isn't anyone answering the phone?
Why do I have so much laundry to do?
Why is that stupid cat peeing on everything and how can I make him go away?

Friday, October 23, 2009

These babies are so funny

These babies are hilarious. They are so different from each other. The boy baby is such a gentle spirit. He likes boy things (thank you God!). Trucks, cars, smashing things, throwing things. Playing in the toilet. *shudder* Pushing his sister down. The girl baby has a funny quirky girl spirit. She laughs all of the time. She holds baby dolls (which really is one naked cloth baby doll covered in marker). She pushes the stroller. She likes to be held by her big sisters.

They are so different. The other day the walked into a room that was shared by a boy and girl...and he walked out with a truck and she walked out with a wand.

So much for gender nuetral.

Mama and girl

Where does it go?

The babies are fourteen months old now. It has been over a month since I have posted last. I have tried to write things...but between the constant of my life, and the constant of my just doesn't happen.

I think that if I try to see this blog as merely a way to update my family, I will be able to keep up a little more.

That said, my life as the mother of one year old twins can basically be summed up to one word.


Sometimes I feel like that is the only reason they love me (kidding of course). They don't eat food yet and are surviving solely on breastmilk alone. Now, while I have enjoyed the benefits of rapid weight loss...I have also enjoyed the benefits of never sleeping. The babies nurse the whole night long. My husband is awesome, but there is nothing he can really do, because they don't want him. They want me. We have talked about night weaning, but we both know that wouldn't work because they are nursing for food, not comfort. It will be so nice when they start to eat more! We offer food a hundred times a day.

WOW, this post turned into a whine fest! (see why I haven't been posting!)

Monday, September 21, 2009

It's so loud

Forget trying to answer emails. Forget trying to drink an entire cup of coffee. Forget trying to pee. Forget trying to eat breakfast. Forget trying to clean anything.

I know I have said it at least a hundred times, but does anyone know how much easier my life would be if boobs were detachable?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What is she saying exactly...

If you don't mind my singing...

Red Wing

So we took a family trip to Red Wing when my husband had off of work for our TEN YEAR anniversary. We took the girls' bikes along with us, so that we could bike along the river too. It was so much fun and such a cool town! I definately think we will go again this fall to take fall pictures! (How dorky is that.)

First we went and visited the world's biggest boot. Yup.:

Then I followed the babies around while they attempted to destroy things (my husband bought much needed shoes):

Someone thought it would be wonderful to hang birch branches. Those quickly became fun to walk through and see how far they would swing. Good times.

Baby girl and the poison polish selection which is conviently placed for her perusal:

Then we ate some lunch by the mighty Mississippi:

My man took way too many "artist" pictures. I will post one becuase I know he reads this.:

All in all a good September day in Minnesota.

Cleaning up

So I forgot to close the bathroom door and she helped herself to some toilet paper. Made a shawl.


So we went to get my husbands hair cut at Great Clips (which is the most un-baby proofed place I have ever been to!). This is marketed as a family friendly haircutting place, and has been a decent place to get a hair cut for us. They have a couple of toys, which my babies quickly got bored with (totally fine and expected) and the girl baby reached out and grabbed a shampoo bottle while I was wrangling her brother.

*It is at this point one might ask why the big girls weren't helping. They were fighting with each other so as to make my trip as smooth as possible.*

As I was turning to go and take it out of her hand, the salon lady took it away and gave her (she is 13 months old) one of those little suckers they hand out at banks. Not only was it a red sucker, it was really really small and I have seen where they break off before. Then (to be fair of course) she gives one (wrapper off) to the boy baby too!

Now...I am pretty stinkin' laid back because I have five kids. BUT...what in the world are you supposed to do when you try to take away a sucker from two one year olds when your husband is in the middle of the haircut and the other kids are next in line.

Lucky sticky babies.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009


My thought process has been slowly deteriorating with each child. I do still talk rationally with my children, but I also seem to go completely insane at random times.

For instance, I used to say: "Let's change your poopy diaper" and now I say things like "Do you have stinks in your lady parts" or "You gots poops on your peni".

There are random phrases I use a

Buckle your schmuckle.
Skooch your booch.
You got flees in your beez (I have no idea what that means)

And then when the rhyming starts, there can be a whole random paragraph that comes a sing song sort of a way that makes the babies laugh (and others question my normality)

You've got a gurd in your'se got some bees in your'se got some flud in your dud...hey poopalooch, how comes you got such a naked neck ("naked neck" being what we call the babies when they are naked) Little Mr. has a naked beezee...

My babies often go by Mr. Lister (aka Mr. Man) and Mistress Smiley Pants (aka Punkaloon).

There is a name that I call them both, although I can't remember, and I asked my husband and he can't remember, although he did laugh and say that I call them all sorts of things and he went with "twilight stars"...which isn't helpful, although probably pretty close. (I remembered this morning that it is actually beautiful dreamers)

Anyway, all of this is to say that the other day I was talking to my babies and I asked them if they wanted Cheerios. It went something like this:

Do you want some Cheerios? Babies, do want some Cheerios? Do you want some O's in your Cheerys?

And then I laughed and called myself a dork.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I put my boy baby into a bath. Fill it with toys. There are stacking toys, ships, floating toys, sinking toys...I mean LOTS of toys. Throw just a tiny bit of bubbles for a little extra fun. Perfect temperature. Great!

So where is he right now but sitting in an empty tub full of toys playing with the drain plug.

Boy baby

Picture this...

I lay down the ducky towel and set naked babies on it, lovingly placing a plate between them with pasta, broccoli, corn and carrots all steamed and ready to go. The girl baby daintily grabs a piece of pasta and starts to eat it. She carefully selects another morsel as she finishes the first, being careful not to overly disturb all of the other tasty tidbits on the plate. She takes her time, making sure that nothing is too hot, too crunchy, or too mushy.

Meanwhile...the boy baby has eaten one piece of pasta (that will be the only thing he eats all day) and has decided that the rest of the food should reside elsewhere. I mean really, a plate?! What in the world was mom thinking? He immediately flips all of the food off of the plate, and as I am putting it back on the plate, he grabs a fist full and flings it onto the carpet with glee. I (having attempted to also eat my food) mistakenly make an attempt to stand him up, which he then interperets to mean stand IN the food on the plate. I wipe his foot off on the towel/food holder and he leans over and takes my bowel of food and empties it onto the floor...but in a different area then the other pile of food. As I try to work out just what is happening, he sneaks in a left handed pasta grab and smears it on his sister. I clean it up, offer more, he says no with body language and then goes on his merry way.

Boys are so cool.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Smash cake (never knew about these before)


In two children start school. I can't decide if I am happy or sad about this. Maybe I am a little relieved that the chaos will dim in my day. I will go from six children down to two. And those ones...(drumroll please)...nap. Sometimes. If they are in the mood to do so.

My middle child will be in afternoon kindergarten. My big girls in 2nd and 3rd grade. That alone makes me want to cry. All I wanted was a baby, and now I have a 3rd grader. I am so old.

Babies are doing great. They are giving much less time to blog by being one. They are everywhere at once...climbing stairs, falling down stairs, eating toilet paper (used) out of the toilet, pooping on things...

I see a theme in my life now. I swear I have written these exact words before.

My midwifery/doula life in getting very busy again. It is amazing that it was gone from my life for so long and now it has slipped right back in with barely a ripple. I could write a whole other blog just about birth. Too bad there are already so many out there.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

People are interesting creatures

So I am driving to Target to get milk (and $45 dollars worth of other things I didn't know I needed) and as I am driving up the night, mind you...I get a very loud "A**HOLE" screamed at me.

Oh, I'm sorry!!!

I didn't know that I was suppose to be aware that you, dressed in black...and your dog...who is black, and NOT on a leash...were planning to be jaywalking at that particular moment.

You're right! I am an A**hole!

And your damn lucky that I didn't kill you both with my car. Stupid person.

Goll that made me angry! I am glad my kids weren't in the car. I can see if I was talking on the phone, or maybe knitting and driving or something and I didn't see them...but seriously.
Just ticked me off and made me want to cuss.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Whoever said...

Whoever said that it gets easier after they turn one must be crazy!

Two mobile infants...going in two different directions. At least when they were little, they stayed where you put them! It is going to be so interesting to watch these babies try different ways to hurt themselves. They like to fall down stairs, they like to go down the driveway, they like to get into buckets full of water, they like to go UP stairs, they like to climb onto precarious perches, they like to bang glass mason jars together and watch them break...Super!

Mr. Man child has yet to walk, although he knows how. He walks like he has been riding a horse for hours. Funny guy.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Babies!!


One month

Two months

Three months

Four months

Five months

Six months

Seven months

Eight months

Nine months

Ten months

Eleven Months

One year old

Monday, August 3, 2009

Friday, July 31, 2009



Instead of washing my dishes...I accidently washed the baby.

Quickly now!

The babies aren't here! I need to do the dishes, wash the floors, clean the laundry, put away the towels, organize my closet, make the beds, take a shower, shave my legs, wash my hair, get some food, take a nap, put away groceries, pluck my brows, pee all alone with the door shut, exercise, do nothing, watch TV, go out for coffee and get a pedicure.

A girl can dream, right?

What's that sound?

It is sort of...I don't know...the absence of...I'm hearing wind through the in the distance...the house settling in for the night...

I can't quite make it out...I know that I have heard it before...Hmmmmm...

Oh yeah!!


Wow. So that's what it sounds like.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ergo bowling

Has anyone seen my sleep? It's missing...

So I spent most of the night getting random hicky's on my boob (and not from my husband) and thinking about chickens.

When it is random o'clock in the morning, and you have one of your babies sleeping sideways (which means that you also sleep sideways) and the other baby's head being attacked by the birthday present kitten that your now five years olds tears convinced you that you needed to think...I could write something up about chickens for a local magazine. I bet I could find the time!

You then think of different witty sentences to start the article...such as...

"We got some chickens in a divorce" or "Sure...we'll take some chickens!" but you can't remember anything more (and there was some good stuff) when you sit down to the computer in the morning.

Anyways...the babies are going to be one. I don't know what they think they are doing...but they need to knock it off!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The niece

No matter how I title comes out wrong

I have put all of my laundry away. I have sent fifteen big plastic garbage bags to Goodwill. All I have left to do is pair about 1,000,000,000 pairs of socks. It's going to be a good day!

I recently started to watch my neice during the day. I am not sure where she fits into the structure of my family yet. She is five weeks younger than my middle child. She is an only child.

I think that she might be in shock coming from being an only child, and now having to find her place in a family of seven. So far it is going okay. And of course, by okay I mean I haven't taken up drinking yet! There are fights and tears and "I don't like you's"...but know....

If you imagine having three adult cats and two kittens and then you add another adult cat (cat analogy for those of you with cats)...and then walk away...that is basically what my house is like.

Luckily they don't spray.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Loverly hair

Eating chalk

You need to let something go

When you have twins, you are told constantly (and tell your twin mama friends constantly) that you need to just "let it go". You can't do everything. And really can't. So for me, who likes to have a clean house, I chose to let the laundry go (and part of the house too). It was in the basement and therefore out of sight, out of mind.

Now, when it came to time actually catch up, it just wasn't going to happen. We have SO MUCH crap! Five beds, seven people including the twins switching clothing sizes every few months...winter and summer clothing....out of sight now means I will be out of my mind if I have to go at it alone.

Luckily here in Minnesota, we have an amazing attachment parenting community. AMAZING women. There is something called a "work crew" that will come into your home for four hours and help you with anything you need done. It is made up of four to six mamas and they are all volunteer. You pay it forward too.

I had six women (and their kids) folding my grungies for four hours...and we just managed to get everything folded. I have to put it away, but that is okay. I really needed to take a before picture, but here is the after.

I really wish these pictures showed just how much there really is...

After all of this, letting go is still something I am glad I did. I should also say that I got rid of ELEVEN bags to the Goodwill and will continue the purge.

I do wish we only had our regular dress and our Sunday best though, it would be so much easier. Even if I did have to wash it by hand.

To blog or not to blog

I feel stuck.

I would like to blog more often, but I also don't want to post about poop constantly. And my life is basically full of poopy I am in a quandry. At this point I think that I will just try to blog about my life with twins, knowing that as I do so, there will be many stories about poop.

The middle child is five today. I can't believe it. Even though I ask her over and over to stop growing up, she continues to disregard my feelings and do it anyway. I wonder if she will stop if I ground her?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Crazy cat lady

So....(this is not so much of a pause as a really big sigh) husband.

My wonderful husband. He likes to collect things off of the side of the road. Broken humidifiers. Tables with no legs on them. Wood. A random chair.

And bikes.

Oh the bikes. He has big ones and little ones and fat ones and skinny ones. And maybe, if you put all of the random parts together, ones that will actually hold a person on them and pedal up the street.

So this morning, at exactly 7:42am, I get a call from my husband. He questions my love, as in "How much do you really love me?" (I should have known right then and there...but alas, I was still asleep and my guard was down) "So much honey", I say. "Well then" he replys, "I saw two bikes right up the street and I really want them." (Did I mention that my two and a half car garage is one car and bikes?) "No" I say.

But then he gets me. He says that he will get rid of four bike frames from the garage, and we haggle to six. So I think I am getting a good deal. I get part of my garage back, and he gets two bikes, one of which will go to my sister.

I should have known. I went for a walk this morning, gathering two bikes up, one with no seat and both more rust then metal, and walked up the street wearing this. It was a special way to start the day.

In the future I am sticking with NO! And by the way, the pajamas were a gift from my kids.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Boy talk

Having four girls and one boy, I love to talk to my son about manly boy things.

Like trucks. And robots.

And screwdrivers.


So there I was, bouncing the boy baby on my knee. Playing and having some one on one time with him, all to the tune of "the grand old duke of york"...when my second child looks at me and states..."When are you going to do that with her (pointing to the girl baby)?" I look at her and remind her that it is, in fact, okay for me to play with one baby and not the other. (GASP) I know...I know!!! WHAT am I thinking? Then she stares at me with a look of horror and says "But she can see you!"

So, the girl baby can see me playing with her brother, and not with her...I didn't realize that the trauma of things not being equal started at such a young age.

When I buy something for, or spend time with one of my children, and not the other...that is called being unfair. But at the same time, they all want to be the only one who goes with me somewhere. And now, apparently, I can't spend time with one of the babies and not the other.

There really is a secret guilt about spending one on one time with one of the babies and not the other though. I have had it that feeling even before they were born. I wonder if all twin mama's feel that?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Boy and girl

Favorite and most unfavorite

When asking my children, in an attempt to bond and create conversation, what their most favorite things are about the twins, I get this:

1. They are cute (lucky, really...It would suck if they were ugly when we get to the UNfavorites...cute can carry you pretty far)

2. They smile.

And that's it. I wonder if it is because I am interrupting their TV time by trying to talk to them. Probably. The Unfavorites are:

1. They poop. (This is from this morning, when I had a diaper ON the boy baby and he pooped and it fell off. I wonder if boys have some sort of super power. The power to get dirty and create dirt no matter the time, place or space...hmmmmm, maybe I am onto something. Direct quote was "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM...he pooped. And his diaper came off." So that means COVERED in poop. Head. To. Toe.)

2. They cry. (Not much I can do about this one.)

Here are my most favorites (I will keep it at five):

1. When the boy baby yawns, he hums afterwards for about six seconds.

2. When the girl baby laughs, it comes from her gut. And she laughs so easily. When the girls get her going, THEY laugh because she laughs, and then SHE laughs because they laugh. It is so cool.

3. When the babies wake up in the morning, it is just the three of us in the bed, and they have crazy bed hair and sweet smiles.

4. There are two of them.

5. They love to be naked anywhere and at anytime.


1. They just pulled out the power cord from the wall that keeps my computer on. (Apparently blogspot saves the blog...good to know!) And they try to eat the powercords under my desk when I am on the computer.

2. They pull each others hair.

3. They won't stop growing up.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Quote of the day

"My farts smell like chocolate bars"

Second child

Tuesday, June 23, 2009's still there!

So I have a son. And my son has a penis. And my son loves the fact that he has a penis. I, as a mother and a woman, find this new found yet age old relationship between my son and his penis quite fasinating.

When the diaper comes off, his hands must immediately (and I mean immediately) reach down and make sure that his penis is still there. He grabs it, jabs it, pulls it, pokes it, squeezes it, mashes is multi-fuctional.

Did you know that penis's or peen"i" can collect things? I didn't. But they can and they do, at every opportunity. Little bits of grass. An occasional twig. Sand. Chalk. Dirt (of course). Sometimes things are in there and I can't quite figure out what they are, or where they came from. I have heard from other mothers that when he gets old enough, he will start to put things in his foreskin. Like marbles. And pennies. And dead ants.

'Cause really....why wouldn't you want dead ants in your foreskin?

Sunday, June 21, 2009