Tuesday, July 14, 2009

To blog or not to blog

I feel stuck.

I would like to blog more often, but I also don't want to post about poop constantly. And my life is basically full of poopy stories...so I am in a quandry. At this point I think that I will just try to blog about my life with twins, knowing that as I do so, there will be many stories about poop.

The middle child is five today. I can't believe it. Even though I ask her over and over to stop growing up, she continues to disregard my feelings and do it anyway. I wonder if she will stop if I ground her?


  1. Don't stop! If nothing else, it will serve as a wonderful reminder of your life as it is now. Because we all know it goes by too quickly!

    Happy Birthday to your daughter! My middle son just turned 5 too.