Thursday, July 2, 2009

Crazy cat lady

So....(this is not so much of a pause as a really big sigh) husband.

My wonderful husband. He likes to collect things off of the side of the road. Broken humidifiers. Tables with no legs on them. Wood. A random chair.

And bikes.

Oh the bikes. He has big ones and little ones and fat ones and skinny ones. And maybe, if you put all of the random parts together, ones that will actually hold a person on them and pedal up the street.

So this morning, at exactly 7:42am, I get a call from my husband. He questions my love, as in "How much do you really love me?" (I should have known right then and there...but alas, I was still asleep and my guard was down) "So much honey", I say. "Well then" he replys, "I saw two bikes right up the street and I really want them." (Did I mention that my two and a half car garage is one car and bikes?) "No" I say.

But then he gets me. He says that he will get rid of four bike frames from the garage, and we haggle to six. So I think I am getting a good deal. I get part of my garage back, and he gets two bikes, one of which will go to my sister.

I should have known. I went for a walk this morning, gathering two bikes up, one with no seat and both more rust then metal, and walked up the street wearing this. It was a special way to start the day.

In the future I am sticking with NO! And by the way, the pajamas were a gift from my kids.

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