Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Red Wing

So we took a family trip to Red Wing when my husband had off of work for our TEN YEAR anniversary. We took the girls' bikes along with us, so that we could bike along the river too. It was so much fun and such a cool town! I definately think we will go again this fall to take fall pictures! (How dorky is that.)

First we went and visited the world's biggest boot. Yup.:

Then I followed the babies around while they attempted to destroy things (my husband bought much needed shoes):

Someone thought it would be wonderful to hang birch branches. Those quickly became fun to walk through and see how far they would swing. Good times.

Baby girl and the poison polish selection which is conviently placed for her perusal:

Then we ate some lunch by the mighty Mississippi:

My man took way too many "artist" pictures. I will post one becuase I know he reads this.:

All in all a good September day in Minnesota.

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