Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So we went to get my husbands hair cut at Great Clips (which is the most un-baby proofed place I have ever been to!). This is marketed as a family friendly haircutting place, and has been a decent place to get a hair cut for us. They have a couple of toys, which my babies quickly got bored with (totally fine and expected) and the girl baby reached out and grabbed a shampoo bottle while I was wrangling her brother.

*It is at this point one might ask why the big girls weren't helping. They were fighting with each other so as to make my trip as smooth as possible.*

As I was turning to go and take it out of her hand, the salon lady took it away and gave her (she is 13 months old) one of those little suckers they hand out at banks. Not only was it a red sucker, it was really really small and I have seen where they break off before. Then (to be fair of course) she gives one (wrapper off) to the boy baby too!

Now...I am pretty stinkin' laid back because I have five kids. BUT...what in the world are you supposed to do when you try to take away a sucker from two one year olds when your husband is in the middle of the haircut and the other kids are next in line.

Lucky sticky babies.

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