Monday, November 30, 2009

Little girls, little girls, everywhere I look they're just...little

It is all quiet on the home front. Comfy and warm inside my house. All the lights are off and the big ones asleep in their beds. There is only a soft glow from my computer gently lighting the room. The fact that it took me an hour to get onto the Internet is irrelevant. My computer is crap and I am broke. As I like to say....whatevs...

So, anyway, back to the soft glow.

There is this sweet baby girl sitting wide awake on my lap. She is taking a tiny doll (which of course is naked because come on, clothing on a doll, it just isn't done) and wrapping it up in a piece of paper that was in my pocket. She randomly gets really excited and starts to talk to the mouse when I move it around for something. And she keeps moving my hands from the keyboard because they are in her way. She is kissing her baby. And talking quietly to her baby. She is trying to make a bed for the little baby. With the paper. Like she is the mother.

My son would just rip the paper in half and say "GAAAAAAAARRRRRR" and then pee on the floor.


  1. Ha! I have boys. And your absoluetly right.
    Thanks for making me giggle when I am so tired.

  2. From what I hear, baby boys mellow out as they grow and baby girls grow souls of dramatic thespians. I guess we'll see! I have three of each.