Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My mothers bed

I have noticed that my pillows on my bed seem to go missing from time to time. They are there when I make the bed in the morning, and then they are gone when I go to bed at night. This being such a busy household, I haven't had the time or energy to overly question it. It just is what it is.

Last night was so dry in my house, I couldn't breathe through my nose. I ended up with my seven year old in my bed, and of course the two babies and one husband, all which successfully drove me into the arms of another bed. I went to the room with the humidifier in it. And as I crawled into the bottom bunk (the seven year olds) I lay my head down...on all of my pillows. The pale jade silk pillow was there, a recent find from a thrift store. The small pillow and only flowery pillowcase I have was there, laying quietly next to it. My king size feather pillow with its soft sage flannel cover.

I have to wonder. What do they think of their mothers bed?

My mothers bed as a child, was possibly the coolest place in the entire world. It was there that she made her small stamp in a world filled with barbies, and dress up, and bickering, and little girls. It was there that she said...I am a grown up, hear me ROAR!!! And I loved it. I loved the yellow oak headboard with its swirling oak leaf pattern. And the dark bedding that looked like it was out of a catalog. I would crawl into it when I was allowed to, and could play there all day. My mother made her bed everyday, so we were often shooed out. I loved her bed.

So I am left with this thought. What do they think of my bed? Is it a place to hide buried treasure? A boat surrounded by sharks? Can it fly through the clouds and carry us away to a land where no-one grows up?

I hope so.

I change the linens to reflect the season, my one small gift to myself. I look at my daughters sometimes, when they lay on my bed, with the sunlight filtering through the bare branches of fall, and I know that when I walk out of the room, they will turn into fairies and my bed will be their land, and they will go off to far away places. And sometimes, I think, to hold onto a little piece of that...they will steal a pillow for their bed.

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