Tuesday, August 11, 2009

People are interesting creatures

So I am driving to Target to get milk (and $45 dollars worth of other things I didn't know I needed) and as I am driving up the hill...at night, mind you...I get a very loud "A**HOLE" screamed at me.

Oh, I'm sorry!!!

I didn't know that I was suppose to be aware that you, dressed in black...and your dog...who is black, and NOT on a leash...were planning to be jaywalking at that particular moment.

You're right! I am an A**hole!

And your damn lucky that I didn't kill you both with my car. Stupid person.

Goll that made me angry! I am glad my kids weren't in the car. I can see if I was talking on the phone, or maybe knitting and driving or something and I didn't see them...but seriously.
Just ticked me off and made me want to cuss.

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