Monday, August 10, 2009

Whoever said...

Whoever said that it gets easier after they turn one must be crazy!

Two mobile infants...going in two different directions. At least when they were little, they stayed where you put them! It is going to be so interesting to watch these babies try different ways to hurt themselves. They like to fall down stairs, they like to go down the driveway, they like to get into buckets full of water, they like to go UP stairs, they like to climb onto precarious perches, they like to bang glass mason jars together and watch them break...Super!

Mr. Man child has yet to walk, although he knows how. He walks like he has been riding a horse for hours. Funny guy.


  1. Yeah, it DEFINITELY gets harder when they start walking. Trust me. And it's so much harder when there's two of them.

  2. I know, people say the first year is a blur (and some days it is), but man, I worry more about the 18 months - 3 year stage more than anything else (mine are 7 mos). I think having the older kids may actually help though (at least, that's what I'm counting on!). I mean at least they can tell you which direction they went in :)

  3. It's like NONSTOP baby saving right now. I turn around and there's Ben on a table. Get him down and look over to see Claire scaling the baby gate and trying to plunge over it head first. Next moment someone is biting someone. Then the other is bashing the first one in the face with a toy while both shriek. Then, of course, we have Claire climbing INTO the toilet the other day. The hijinx never stop!