Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Boy baby

Picture this...

I lay down the ducky towel and set naked babies on it, lovingly placing a plate between them with pasta, broccoli, corn and carrots all steamed and ready to go. The girl baby daintily grabs a piece of pasta and starts to eat it. She carefully selects another morsel as she finishes the first, being careful not to overly disturb all of the other tasty tidbits on the plate. She takes her time, making sure that nothing is too hot, too crunchy, or too mushy.

Meanwhile...the boy baby has eaten one piece of pasta (that will be the only thing he eats all day) and has decided that the rest of the food should reside elsewhere. I mean really, a plate?! What in the world was mom thinking? He immediately flips all of the food off of the plate, and as I am putting it back on the plate, he grabs a fist full and flings it onto the carpet with glee. I (having attempted to also eat my food) mistakenly make an attempt to stand him up, which he then interperets to mean stand IN the food on the plate. I wipe his foot off on the towel/food holder and he leans over and takes my bowel of food and empties it onto the floor...but in a different area then the other pile of food. As I try to work out just what is happening, he sneaks in a left handed pasta grab and smears it on his sister. I clean it up, offer more, he says no with body language and then goes on his merry way.

Boys are so cool.


  1. That's my grandson! Takes after his dad!

  2. HA! So totally flipped for me. Claire is a beast when it comes to food. Benjer is Mr. Prissy.