Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So there I was, bouncing the boy baby on my knee. Playing and having some one on one time with him, all to the tune of "the grand old duke of york"...when my second child looks at me and states..."When are you going to do that with her (pointing to the girl baby)?" I look at her and remind her that it is, in fact, okay for me to play with one baby and not the other. (GASP) I know...I know!!! WHAT am I thinking? Then she stares at me with a look of horror and says "But she can see you!"

So, the girl baby can see me playing with her brother, and not with her...I didn't realize that the trauma of things not being equal started at such a young age.

When I buy something for, or spend time with one of my children, and not the other...that is called being unfair. But at the same time, they all want to be the only one who goes with me somewhere. And now, apparently, I can't spend time with one of the babies and not the other.

There really is a secret guilt about spending one on one time with one of the babies and not the other though. I have had it that feeling even before they were born. I wonder if all twin mama's feel that?

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  1. I do, a little bit. But I do enjoy the one on one time (which, frankly, happens RARELY) that it makes up for the feeling bad.

    And this made me bust out, because it's so something my older kids would say. If I try to nurse one baby and not the other my two year old jerks up my shirt on the other side and says "baby NERSE!!!!" @@