Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh yeah...

Crap, I forgot I had a blog.

Wake up with baby. Grab a cup of coffee. Big kids off to school for the last time YAY! *sob*

Upon diaper removal, a time of the day all babies enjoy, the babe shows excitement by peeing all over the floor. As this is the fifth kid, a prefold diaper is thrown on the pee, and we move on with the day. This happens three more times. The husband, who is admittedly smarter, would put a diaper on the babe, but he isn't here and the other baby has woken up and wants the mother figure. Or at least the boob.

Another diaper off of another babe. Attempt second sip of coffee and try to clean something.

Cleaning up around the house, one notices things that don't belong. Like baby poop. Where did it come from? To whom does it belong? Why is it ground into the carpet?

Well, the thing that I am learning about boy babies, this being my one and only, is that when they poop, unlike girls, who would move on with their day...they feel the need to heavily investigate all of the "W's"...what is it? what does it taste like? where did it come from? why is it here...

And by the time the mother figure discovers the poopy pile, you are off banging your not so clean self all over the freshly washed glass on the back screen door.

Poor some "Clean Freak" (the BEST STUFF) on the poopy pile, grab the boy child, wash him down and set into cleaning the mess up. Which is super easy with a bucket full of sudsy water, a washcloth and two naked babies coming at you from all angles. Empty bucket, dry carpet and attempt once again to drink the now cold coffee.

Enjoy the quiet.

Why is it so quiet? Where are the babies? Ask middle child where babies are and hear a "Ewwwwwwww....gross".

Well folks, no need to worry about any dirty babies...they cleaned themselves good and well in the toilet. Yummy.

Into the tub we go.

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