Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's smurftastic!!

Remember the Smurfs!?

My children found them on TV today, which was crazy. I haven't seen that show in ages. I found it a perfectly valid way to talk as a child, and watching it today, I was struck by how easy it must have been to actually write the storyline. Just insert the word "smurf" for anything descriptive, or sensory, and's smurfy! In honor of the smurfs, here is my day:

Wake up and look outside. Smurftastic! It is finally a smurfarific day! The girls are going to be so smurfy when they get outside. The babies both wake up at the same time and give me smurfy smiles.

We go downstairs and I pour some coffee. In an attempt to keep the babies smurfy, I take off their diapers and there is immediate smurfiness. They of course, smurf all over the floor, because...well, why wouldn't they? I make my other smurfs and smurfy breakfast, which they smurf right down....

Okay... Honestly, smurf is starting to sound like some sort of porn trick and I have to stop writing about it! My sick smurfy mind.

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