Monday, June 15, 2009

Fitting it all in

We bought an eight person tent with a pole that needed to be replaced off of Craigslist for fifteen dollars (I am such a great hunter/gatherer!). We took the four person tent camping this weekend, having looked at the eight person tent and determining that they are "about" the same size, we could just replace the pole when we got back. When I say "we"...I, of course, mean "me".

Yeah. They aren't even remotely close to being the same size. Memories can be faulty in this family. The last time I used the four person tent...I was about this big:

Because Rebecca says that it is the dress that makes me look so big, here is another picture for perspective:

That is our friend Pfoser holding one of our chickens eggs next to the babies.

Anyway, back to tents. When I am pregnant, I lose all perspective of time and place and tent size. Seven people, including two co-sleeping, breastfeeding ten month olds, DO NOT...I repeat DO NOT fit into a four person tent. I highly encourage any and all breastfeeding co-sleeping mothers of twins to pay the six dollars to get the new pole. It won't take that long and it is so worth it.

My night consisted of trying to keep the babies on the queen sized air mattress, under the blankets and as far away from each other as two babies sleeping next to each other can be. That is measured by inches. When I would put one on either side of me, the baby closest to the edge would fall in-between the tent and the mattress, and could any moment...been eaten by the giant man sized spiders I kept finding in my tent. They woke often to nurse and fight with each other to get to the same boob. Apparently I only have one.

On the upside...camping is still as cool as it was when I was a kid.

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  1. see? it's the dress! you look smaller in the black dress!

    you could have sent one or two of your kids over to our tent, but we didn't have another air mattress, they would have been on the floor.

    I've been having spider issues lately, seriously. I'm not surprised you have giant ones in your tent. I totally believe you.