Thursday, June 11, 2009

When words made sense

My family, over the years, has come undone. We have a secret language that only a select few understand. I really hope we aren't alone in this, and that there are others out there...somewhere...who are struggling with the same problem.

It starts out slowly. A child says "heagy" instead of "heavy". Cute, right? WRONG! Feet somehow becomes "pooters". Diaper turns into" dippy" or even better..."dip dip". Spongebob Squarepants is "Poo-da-da-da". We also add an "ee" to the end of things. Food is foodee, for example. Oh...and lets not forget the beezee. Which of course, is butt.

My children are "punkaloons", "spookaloons", "poopaloons" ...I am noticing a "loon" theme going on here. Maybe Minnesota is getting to me!

So a sentence in my house might be (and this is coming from a 34 year old man):

Hey poopaloon, your getting so heagy! Are you pooters stinky? Nope. It's your dippy. You have a stinky beezee.


  1. I've heard it all, she's telling the truth here.

    Sarah is the reason "fricky-frack" entered my vocabulary. hang around her for three fricky-frack seconds and it's impossible to let it go.

  2. haha! That was from me. My friend was apparently signed in.