Thursday, June 25, 2009

Favorite and most unfavorite

When asking my children, in an attempt to bond and create conversation, what their most favorite things are about the twins, I get this:

1. They are cute (lucky, really...It would suck if they were ugly when we get to the UNfavorites...cute can carry you pretty far)

2. They smile.

And that's it. I wonder if it is because I am interrupting their TV time by trying to talk to them. Probably. The Unfavorites are:

1. They poop. (This is from this morning, when I had a diaper ON the boy baby and he pooped and it fell off. I wonder if boys have some sort of super power. The power to get dirty and create dirt no matter the time, place or space...hmmmmm, maybe I am onto something. Direct quote was "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM...he pooped. And his diaper came off." So that means COVERED in poop. Head. To. Toe.)

2. They cry. (Not much I can do about this one.)

Here are my most favorites (I will keep it at five):

1. When the boy baby yawns, he hums afterwards for about six seconds.

2. When the girl baby laughs, it comes from her gut. And she laughs so easily. When the girls get her going, THEY laugh because she laughs, and then SHE laughs because they laugh. It is so cool.

3. When the babies wake up in the morning, it is just the three of us in the bed, and they have crazy bed hair and sweet smiles.

4. There are two of them.

5. They love to be naked anywhere and at anytime.


1. They just pulled out the power cord from the wall that keeps my computer on. (Apparently blogspot saves the blog...good to know!) And they try to eat the powercords under my desk when I am on the computer.

2. They pull each others hair.

3. They won't stop growing up.

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