Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Whew...it's still there!

So I have a son. And my son has a penis. And my son loves the fact that he has a penis. I, as a mother and a woman, find this new found yet age old relationship between my son and his penis quite fasinating.

When the diaper comes off, his hands must immediately (and I mean immediately) reach down and make sure that his penis is still there. He grabs it, jabs it, pulls it, pokes it, squeezes it, mashes it...it is multi-fuctional.

Did you know that penis's or peen"i" can collect things? I didn't. But they can and they do, at every opportunity. Little bits of grass. An occasional twig. Sand. Chalk. Dirt (of course). Sometimes things are in there and I can't quite figure out what they are, or where they came from. I have heard from other mothers that when he gets old enough, he will start to put things in his foreskin. Like marbles. And pennies. And dead ants.

'Cause really....why wouldn't you want dead ants in your foreskin?

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  1. Hilarious. I'm gonna have to read more of your blog... found you via MDC.
    ~ Kimberly