Sunday, January 17, 2010

Trucky duckies

So my sister comes in (as I am attempting to make my bed) and laughs and says, "Wow, so this is what you listen to when you become a mom". I just look at her and say "Oh, she is THE BEST, believe me!!! After you hear all of the crap kids music that is out there, you will fully embrace Laurie Berkner and the Laurie Berkner band!!"

For instance, right this second, I am listening to a song about driving my truck!! And I know every single word. I could be a fork lifter, or a bull dozer. And I have to pull my truck into the truck stop, oh yeah, pull my truck into the truck stop and fill her up!

And the most awesomest thing is that the songs are fun to sing and dance to!! Yay, fruit salsa!

I would go on, but I have to attempt to make my bed...although it is really hard when everyone is dancing on it. We are trucks, you know.

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