Saturday, May 30, 2009


Good sleep at last!

Sort of.

It does a body good to lower your standards of what you think "sleep" and "good" really mean. If your sleeping for more than 15 minutes, that could be considered good. Not being kicked in the face by random foot attached to unseen body, could be considered good. Not laying in a puddle of pee that comes from random bladder, could be considered good. Screaming baby not actually waking sleeping baby is definately considered good. Being wedged in just so, between sleeping baby and sleeping baby with your back starting to cramp up and managing to move quietly to the foot of the bed and not waking anyone, could be considered good.

Sleeping through the night and babies...what a myth! Enjoy your babies now...enjoy your sleep when you get it! Enjoy first smiles in the morning and try to forget that they are another day older and so are you.

Make extremely large pancakes for your family and then realize you don't have syrup.
Improvize with heavy whipping cream whipped into a topping and throw in the last remaining raspberries that haven't been pulverized and turned into fake blood by your children.

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