Saturday, April 17, 2010

I get less sleep then you do

This is my husband. See how nice and asleep he is? See how he has space to...oh, I don't know...put a leg up? Stretch out an arm and touch nothing? Not have the back of a baby head crack them in the face when they aren't awake yet (Hi Aileen! How's your face?). See how he sleeps so nicely even though I am awake with everyone else?

Now let's investigate my sleeping space:

A closer look perhaps?

I personally see a little bit of a difference between his sleeping space and mine. Notice how he is lacking the guys? I generally sleep with anywhere between 20 to 70 guys at a time. Depends on how hard they have been fighting. They have been busy this morning doing fierce battle and have made a little nest in my hair with which to rest their heads. I also enjoy guy shaped indentations on my thighs after a night of hard sleep. We have bonded, the guys and I.

If you will notice, the ladypants (miss little girl) has decided to clean the guys and also the mama. She has apparently come to the conclusion that we are very dirty (aren't all women who sleep with 70 guys?) and has unfurled an entire box of wipes in order to clean everything in the area.

I haven't even begun the whole nursing thing. And just how much I do of it all night long. (alot)
He thinks that just because he gets up at 6:30 every morning that he gets to sleep in until 8am on Saturday. Well I say....NEVER!!! (think....NEVAAAAA!!!)

And just for the record. I get less sleep then he does. But damn if the man doesn't put all five kids to sleep every single night. It is the shit.


  1. I have to point out that it looks like he is sleeping with his hand over his boyparts, though. That looks like a learned behavior. How many times has he been kicked in the nads while he sleeps over the years?

  2. That is hilarious and I would have never noticed that. I think that it is instinct with kids!

  3. I noticed the protective posturing right away. poor J, missing all those guys.

  4. I'm glad you explained what those things were. At first I thought you were sleeping with leafs of parsley.