Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Space in my world

Truths as I know them:

~The air is better within 10 inches of my body. That is why the children must always be so close. So very very close. Like right now. There are two of them sitting on me, trying to help me type.

~Pants are always better when they are dried in the dryer. They fit a little tighter. More snug you could say. And they show more ankle, which is my personal favorite. Always a chance of flooding in the spring you know. Lovin' it! Have I mentioned that it is difficult to find pants when you are pear shaped and are 5'9?

~Children are better when they are louder. My kids have figured this out early in life to save me the trouble of wondering where they are.

~ It doesn't make you old when you listen to Radio Disney for twenty minutes in your car before you realize that you are the only one in the car. I just really appreciate Hanna Montana's music is all.

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