Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"next blog"

I don't know what information blogspot has on me, but when I used to hit "next blog" I would get random blogs, half of which were in a different language. Now they are all entitled things like "Random Musings" and "A little spark of madness" and "I Heart Jesus" (which is apparently happening because I am Christian and have said something about that...somewhere?) and of course, "Shiny Ginger Thoughts" where all of his thoughts are shiny and his hair is gingery.

Anyways, what I am getting at is all of the "next blog" arrows put me into basically three places. The first is about twins, babies, twin babies, pregnant people or homeschooling people. What choice do I have but to go back in the blog and read the birth stories? The latest one was getting an epi at three cm (of course she had a scheduled c-section in place for 41 weeks) and in the end only had a forceps delivery with a 3rd degree tear. And I can't say to them..."Hey! Don't know you but think your doctors might have screwed you over. Congratulations on the baby!"

The second one is all about knitters. Lots of knitting blogs. Lots and lots of lovely knit things to admire.

And then there is Jesus.

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  1. Maybe those same bloggers will stumble upon your site and you will help to enlighten them. :)