Friday, December 2, 2011

Out of the mouths of...

So I made the mistake of calling my kids things that have the word "butt" in it. Like butthead, buttcrack, stinkybutt, and other things that I won't write down because it looks like bad parenting. Normally this is not a problem. I have a bunch of girls that don't notice. They might say things like "Stop being such a butthead", or "Mom, she said that my buttcrack was hanging out and it wasn't"...or whatever. But they aren't mean to each other when they say these things.

So for instance, when my daughter comes home from school, I might say, "Hey, buttcrack! How was school today?" and she would respond with "Good" or "I have homework" or something along those lines. My son, however, doesn't understand that these words are supposed to be said in jest.
He has started to call everyone a butthead when he is mad. So, he will say, "STOP IT BUTTHEAD" when his sister takes something from him. Or if I won't let him do something he wants to do, he will call me a butthead and give me the evil eye.

It had gotten the point where he was saying it at least 100 times a day. Sometimes for fun and sometimes because he is mad. The other day I spent 30 minutes talking to him about hurting feelings and name calling (me having set such a good example) and how he isn't allowed to call someone a butthead when he feels angry. He ended up apologizing and we moved forward five minutes and he was back at it. This happened less and less until yesterday he wasn't saying it much.

I told him that he was doing a great job using kind words and he said (in all sincerity) "Thank you Mermaid Buttcrack!"

And off he ran.

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