Friday, December 2, 2011

Too much tech in the house

So this just happened. My daughter came down crying and said that her sister wouldn't let her lay on the bed to watch a show. It is a king size bed and there is plenty of room. Rather then be a good mama and hike up two flights of stairs, I wrote a note on the computer. That is where I am sitting now, watching Warehouse 13 on megavideo.

Here is the note:


This is your mother. IF YOU DO NOT KNOCK IT OFF, you will be grounded from the TV, computer, phones, Wii, Netflix, Nook, and iPad.

Say SORRY to your beautiful sister. She is a sweet girl, and doesn’t deserve your anger or mistreatment.

IF YOU CONTINUE your bad behavior, you will be in SERIOUS trouble.


Your mother.

The list of technology is mind blowing. How did it make its way into my house? Now back to Warehouse 13.

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