Monday, December 5, 2011

This day has been one big sigh

Last night the boy slept poorly. He kept waking up and complaining about his tummy hurting. Or I wish he woke up and complained...he more, screamed at me and flailed around and didn't want me to touch him but still somehow wanted to be able to sleep on my head. His lovely Thomas the Train room still sits untouched. But that is a whole other post.

We pulled down the blinds in our room so that they would sleep in. Didn't work. I am not sure if I have explained how breakfast in my house has worked in the last three months. If I could just skip over it completely every day I would. This is all from my son.

Do you want an untoasted peanut butter bagel? No.
Do you want cereal? No.
Do you want toast? No.
Do you want an egg? No.
Do you want some milk? No.

Well, I guess you aren't going to eat today.... I want a bagel!!! (scream)

Okay, would you like an untoasted peanut butter bagel? No.
Do you want it toasted? No.
Do you want cream cheese? No.
Do you want butter? No.

Well, I guess you aren't going to eat today..... I want peanut butter!!!! (scream)

Okay, would you like a plate? No.
Would you like to put it on the bagel? No, yes.

He starts to put it on the bagel, it doesn't go on smoothly, I take over and tada, one untoasted peanut butter bagel. Which he may or may not eat depending on his mood.

I am stressed out just writing this post. And have I mentioned the Christmas tree?


  1. Have you tried... and I say this completely without judgment, having lived through two three year olds... giving him the bagel, jar of pb, a not-too-sharp-or-big knife & letting him have at it?

    I've found that giving them the responsibility & control is the trick to ending the no-yes-no's.

  2. Oh yes. I have tried. He gets very frustrated. Actually, that is part of the morning ritual. I give it to him to start, and then he gets frustrated, and I finish it.